Burial Arrangements


First, of course, the family of a deceased person must be the owner of a burial plot in The Grove Street Cemetery before burial arrangements can be made. If the family is not already a plot owner, then it is necessary to arrange for the purchase of a plot through the office of the cemetery's superintendent, who may be reached at (203) 787-1443.

A Funeral Director is selected by the family. Most of the funeral home personnel in the New Haven area are acquainted with The Grove Street Cemetery and will be familiar with its procedures for making burial arrangements. It is the responsibility of the funeral home's personnel to work with the cemetery to complete the burial plans.

Funeral Directors who are from outside the local area should promptly call the office of the cemetery's superintendent, at (203) 787-1443 to make arrangements for a burial.

The purchase and installation of headstones or footstones as well as family monuments, if there is not already one in place, are the responsibility of the deceased's family. The cemetery's staff is available for suggestions or guidance and can provide a list of local firms which deal in cemetery monuments.

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