About This Site Design

Grove Street Cemetery is a visually striking landscape rich in park-like serenity, architecture, and history. It was a challenge to capture and present such a place in it's immensity within the tiny confines of an Internet web site.

The design achieved this by starting with the photographic imagery first within the masthead, sidebar, and footer areas. The photo slide show then treats visitors to a fun virtual tour of the cemetery (it's often said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. I maintain that on the Web, a picture is worth 2,000 words!).

The site's drop-down navigation menu allows for an easy review of the site's topics from any page, and the search function allows for pin-point text searches anywhere in the site's often detailed text pages. We eagerly look forward to adding all types of new content as more documents and images become available.


Thomas Williams
Managing Partner
World Contact, LLC

When I was first asked to formulate a web site design concept for this historic cemetery I resolved to make a crisp, professional looking design -- I didn't want it to appear sad, morbid or dark (keep in mind, I don't live nearby, and have never visited the cemetery!).

Tom sent me about 30 color photographs that he shot last Autumn, and I was immediately struck by the cemetery's beautiful scenery. My design inspiration then focused on the amazing variety of head stones and their comfortable, natural curves. I mirrored the headstone curves within each web page, and used the natural earth tones from the head stones and the surrounding scenery for the site's color scheme. We then blended the beautiful photo images into the page layout theme. The result is a pleasing, visually rich presentation which easily appeals to the widest possible audience.


Clinton Randall
Web site Design
World Contact, LLC



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